I still believe a session with a coach will help identify major flaws in your technique if there are any. Why do you want another racquet that is completely different to your new one? Quick corrections may solve your problem and save you a lot of money. Then just click the button below and get it today:. These series are designed based on players individual badminton need and playing style.

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Thanks for your advice Paul.

Are you playing with plastic or feather shuttles? Just wanted to know if the string matter? Quick corrections may solve your problem and save you a lot of money. Try one today and let me know your nanosped.

Badminton racquet Yonex Nanospeed 100

If you are a lover of speed, then this racket will be the perfect match for you. String choice is as personal as racket choice.

You were able to string it to my liking. Javed Ahmed Verified Khelmart Buyer.

Yonex Nanospeed Racquet Review | Paul Stewart

It may be best to drop your ylnex to 23lbs and get used to the racquet or persist with it as the tension will be dropping anyway. Lamia-farjana August 8, at 9: Coupled with its amazing maneuverability, this product by Yonex is one of the best in the market. Good luck with your selection and I hope you are happy with your choice. What Makes It Awesome?

Recent Drivers  SYNCMASTER B1630 DRIVER

As in advantages and disadvantages.

Have you used this product? In the meatime, i changed it for a Voltric 70, nanospedd still have pain to my shoulder but can play again. I found it hard to place the shuttlecock at the far side of the opponents court. This is one of the best rackets ever created.

Paul July 25, at 5: Players then over-compensate and change their hitting action which leads to throwing the shoulder into ylnex shot. The technology behind this racquet has created a very strong but light head delivering tremendous speed and power.

Have a good day! Same as u, am actually using the ATP racquet as well and its a really good racquet i must say.

It will nanlspeed in placing the shuttle from 3rd line to corner drop shots, fast drive shots in order to get quick points during opponent attack, strong backhand shots and first line net work. Also, if there are any other racket recommendations you would have, that would be great. Having said that he seems to have power to spare in the tank, and seems to clear easily and a high mid court return to him is basically point over.


Bharathi Kumar Verified Khelmart Buyer. In your honest opinion, what do you think would happen if I picked up a Voltric 80? I dont know if it has something to do with the tension of it or just the racket itself. For my sister…her birthday coming. My question is is it ok if i keep switching both completely different racquet so frequently? Both the rackets you have are stiff shafted.

Paul March 1, at Just recently bought the NS racquet and tested it on Saturday.