Let’s start up the actual review, next page please. The whole DRAM market is changing. This is the mainboard that applies to you guys. So far so good, no complaints about it everything seems to work well. Now why am I mentioning this so clearly? The area around the CPU socket is very clean but somewhat cramped by the north bridge heatsink creeping into the shot from above.

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Nvidia 3-way SLI on nForce i. We put it through its paces to see if there really is the Xfx nforce 780i sli at the nrorce of the tunnel. Gaming and ‘roids don’t mix.

Ratings and Reviews Write a review. This isn’t something for everyone and Nvidia doesn’t hide away from this fact, but are the gremlins of Quad-SLI about to be washed down the drain? There are less partners involved xfx nforce 780i sli the reference design this time around, unlike with the nForce i SLI which had half a dozen typically graphics companies joining the motherboard fold to sell the same board.

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I xfx nforce 780i sli able to hit an overclocked front-side bus of MHz with my E processor, just a few MHz behind our top overclock on an X38 motherboard. Show More Show Less. NVIDIA originally claimed the i SLI chipset would support all 45nm dual-core and quad-core processors, but that came to an end when Intel made some changes on their latest stepping on their 45nm quad-core Yorkfield processors.


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The lowest-priced item that has been used or worn previously. This design is easier to use than the optional fan on the i SLI as the small screws were enough to drive you crazy on that one. Latest News Latest Videos. We’ll slap it with the latest high-end gear around xfx nforce 780i sli proverbal ears and look slj deep to see where performance is at. October 13, The XFX board has capability to build out a machine capable of running processor-taxing graphics and video-editing software, playing memory-hungry, high-resource 3-D games, and pushing 8-channel surround sound for an immersive home theater experience.

The Test System Page 6: March 3, xfx nforce 780i sli This soi raised concerns that the PCIe 2. The DIMM slot colors are somewhat muted, but you can tell them apart and that’s what matters. But 780o reality, the differences between the two technologies with today’s graphics boards are negligible.

XFX nForce i Specs – CNET

We’ll have to see but for now we remain inquisitive. The expansion configuration is dominated by the three green-colored PCIe x16 slots. In this review we’ll have an overview of the technology and obviously the cool and hip features as I just mentioned above. Since the change is on the motherboard there is nothing holding back motherboard makers from coming out with a newly revised i SLI motherboard to support 45nm quad-core processors.

This should particularly help in simple two-card SLI setups, which are now controlled entirely by the NF chipset, however it won’t help in the new 3-way love-fest as xfx nforce 780i sli. Their 7-series and 8-series when of xfx nforce 780i sli boards went largely unchallenged while the nForce series chipsets has done well in both the AMD and Intel ecosystems.


XFX nForce 780i, LGA775 Socket, Intel (MB-N780-ISH9) Motherboard

Xfx nforce 780i sli added support for PCI Express Gen2 is nice, but somewhat of a nflrce box feature since the implementation is non-native. The good news is that i SLI motherboards will have full support for 45nm Penryn-based processors; something that only the later revisions of the i SLI motherboards could claim.

All i SLI motherboards come with an optional chipset fan that can be used to better cool the chipsets.

Latest News Latest Videos. To protect computer storage, the XFX nForce i SLI motherboard comes with NVIDIA MediaShield, a type of virtual security xfx nforce 780i sli that complements installed security systems to protect against malware and viruses fnorce through streaming media and media sent over high-speed networks.

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In terms of performance though, it probably won’t matter.