The gig of PC RAM and single GB hard disk drive unusually divided into a 5GB root and a GB storage partition were nothing to get excited about in terms of speed, but the computer was very stable through all of our tests. This program allows creation of a CD or CD image from a selected set of files. Each of our memory chips come with a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind. Arrives by Tuesday, Nov Depending on the model, the following types of software are included with the system. Our performance tests show what you can squeeze out of your system.

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That means, that we typically provide memory modules that allow an even higher timing than neccessary for the IntelliStation M Pro -1xx, -2xx, -3xx, ihm, -xPU system. Arrives by Tuesday, Nov IBM The no-nonsense black steel case, and components on the spec sheet such as the Windows operating systemall indicate that this is a serious machine.

Test Bench:IBM IntelliStation M Pro 6219 and in-sync Blade 2.1

The IntelliStation M Pro workstation has been tested for compatibility with numerous devices. At a Glance New IntelliStation M Pro systems offer advanced technology, application compatibility, and system reliability. Applications and device drivers may vary from the retail version and may not include all functions and documentation. Following the setup instructions, attach the keyboard and peripherals. Systems that use plug-and-play adapter cards are self-configuring. Im prices may vary, and prices may also vary by country.


Callback service We will call you at the desired time.

Packaging System unit carton System unit Hardware assembly package: System security includes theft deterrence and detection of system tampering. Some software may differ from its retail version, if any, and may not include user manuals or all program functionality.

New IBM IntelliStation M Pro Models Feature Solid Performance and High-Powered Graphics with Intel

All power supplies have built-in overload protection and surge protection. Please enter your name here.

intelistation Installation labor is provided at no additional charge, if the machine is covered under a warranty service upgrade or maintenance services.

Environmental control and monitoring: Big Blue has been around for a long time and while the company does not specialize in video editing, they know a thing or two about building a computer. We also like the media management tools and the project trimming functions.

Test Bench:IBM IntelliStation M Pro and in-sync Blade – Videomaker

6129 CSU allowance is one day. APM provides a cooperative environment in which applications, operating systems, and device drivers work together to reduce power consumption. You can obtain IWS through the method of service, such as depot, carry-in or on-site, provided in the servicing country.

Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Setup is run after the computer has successfully completed its initial self-tests. For warranties including on-site labor, IBM sends a technician after attempting to diagnose and resolve the problem remotely. All models use one of the six slots for an AGP graphics adapter.


Selected models are preloaded with Windows XP Professional. This diagnostic product provides testing of hardware in the Windows environment. MMX is a trademark of Intel Corporation.

VGA monitors, TV, and analog flat panels. Microsoft is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. These are maximum supported monitor resolutions and refresh rates.

Constant angular velocity CAV Interface: These powerful deployment and migration software tools work together to facilitate and expedite the deployment of your Windows operating systems, settings, data files, and applications.

The manageability features of the IntelliStation workstation help you manage your systems throughout their life cycle, beginning with Remote Deployment Manager and Software Delivery Assistant to help you quickly and easily deploy your IntelliStation workstation with the exact system image that you need; or use IBM ImageUltra services and have IBM manage your images for you.

IWS is available during the warranty period to customers who travel or relocate ibk countries where their computer is sold and serviced by IBM or IBM resellers authorized to perform warranty service.