You can check the status of the output trays of this machine. Page To quit specifying the printer settings, touch [Enter] until the screen for the Copy, Fax, Scan, or Box mode appears. Printer Setting Detail For details on displaying the Printer Setting screen, refer to “Administrator settings” on page Mac OS X Page Page – Printing different original documents to

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Konica Minolta Bizhub 362 Copier

Available memory space is not Add memory. Page 90 Page 91 Page 92 – Installing the printer driver Windows Common Bizhun, Settings Click this button to save the current settings and to view them at a later time.

Specify the name of the tree that Pserver logs on to. Click the [Start] button.

Page 39 If using the optional parallel bizzhub, set the interface time settings and mode Compatible, Nibble, or ECP as necessary with the PageScope Web Connection and on the control panel. User Counter 1 Displays the total counter per user.

Page 91 Printer Name: Table Of Contents Job tab The selected printer is registered in the printer list.


Orientation “Specifying the Setup tab settings” on page Editing Forms “Create Overlay”, and then specify the document that you want to register. Folds the printouts in half and staples.

Konica Minolta bizhub 362 User Manual

Replaces the TrueType fonts with the printer fonts. Specifying The User Authentication Settings If the user authentication settings are not specified on the Configure tab, user authentication cannot be performed.

For details, refer to “Print job management” on page Selects whether to use TrueType fonts or the printer fonts when printing. Note A value outside the allowable range cannot be specified. The new paper size is added to “List of Custom Size”. Select the bizhug name, and then click the [OK] button.

Toner cartridge for Konica Minolta Bizhub

When installation is complete, make sure that the icon of the installed printer appears in the Printers window. In addition, this is the initial page that appears when you access http: Agent”, and then click the [Create] button. This user manual describes the printing functions, operations, usage, and safety precautions of the printer controller.


A value outside the allowable range cannot be specified. This product includes software written by Tim Hudson tjh cryptsoft. Postscript Options Substitute Fonts: The specified file is biznub. Be sure to enter a user-friendly file name.

Macintosh computer that is connected to the network, and then set the IP address and subnet mask. To switch the order displayed, click the [Up] button or the [Down] button.

Edit Favorite Setting Click this button to change the saved settings. Specify the folder on the DVD-R that contains the printer driver for the operating system that you are using, and then click the [OK] button.

Specifications – bizhub – KONICA MINOLTA Europe

Page Specify the staple default setting. The Print dialog box appears again. Type in a value within the allowable range.